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Yahoo Acquires Xobni

Yahoo Acquires Xobni

Yahoo acquired Xobni, the maker of mail productivity and address book applications / plugins, earlier this month.

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Google Acquires Invite Media

Google announced the acquisition of Invite Media, an “innovative start-up based in New York,” yesterday.  Invite Media has developed technology that gives advertisers the ability to optimize display campaigns, across multiple ad exchanges, all in one single interface.

Neal Mohan, VP of Product Management at Google, stated “we’re investing significantly in the display advertising ecosystem and are seeing great momentum. We’ve developed, and are continuing to develop, tools that help both publishers and advertisers take advantage of the […]

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Nexus One Availability Changes

Google finally caved in to what industry analysts have been stating for months and announced changes being made in the availability of the Nexus One, stating that “it’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to choose from.” Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, stated that “while the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not.”

The Nexus […]

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New Google Adwords Certification

New Google Adwords Certification

Google announced earlier this week that they’re retiring their Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) program and replacing it with a new Google AdWords Certification program. The program will provide “agencies and their employees with more up-to-date, comprehensive, strategy-focused training and certification on the latest tools and best practices for managing AdWords accounts,” stated Penry Price, VP of Global Agency Development at Google.

Other noteworthy features include (via Google):

New training materials available via webinar series, learning center, or on-site training at Google
More challenging […]

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